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Adding A PDF To Your WordPress Website

How to add a pdf to wordpress

Have you hit a wall trying to add a PDF to your website? This quick guide will teach you how to add a clickable document to pretty much any area of your website.

There are a number of reasons you may want to add a PDF to your WordPress website including:

  • Adding a resume
  • Adding public documents to a .gov website
  • Creating viewable long form business reports

Let’s get started! Note that your theme may utilize different button options, raw html, and/or media uploading but this guide should work for almost any theme out there.

Step 1: Upload your PDF to the MEDIA section of your WordPress backend

Hover over the MEDIA column in the backend of your WordPress website and click ADD NEW. Go ahead and drag your PDF into the area labeled “Drop Files Anywhere to upload”. You can also click “Select Files” and choose your PDF.

How To Add A PDF To A Website

Step 2: Grab your PDF URL

Your PDF is now stored on your WordPress media server which will make it viewable in a user’s browser. You should now see your uploaded PDF in Media view. Click it and copy (CMD+ C | CTRL+C| Or Manually) the full URL found in the URL section.

How to add a pdf to a website

Step 3: Add the URL to any element

Depending on your theme, you can add this as the link text to pretty much any element and it will now open your PDF. It is now the same as any URL you would normally insert to link internally or externally. For example, clicking here will take you to PDF draft of this blog post.

Simple add to a post or page: The fastest way to add to a post is to simply click ADD MEDIA and insert the PDF the same way you would an image. The “Title” text will become the link text.

Raw HTML Code: If you want to add a document to a sidebar or an area where you are inserting raw html, the code is as follows:

<a href=”INSERT URL HERE” target=”_blank”>Display text goes here</a>

Note: If you are copying and pasting the code above and clicking the URL does not work…refresh the page and make sure WordPress hasn’t added extra quotation marks around your URL link.

Your PDF will be accessible via that URL as long as it remains in your Media server. If you run into any problems or have questions, please leave a comment below!

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