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Case Study: Coastal Marine Storage

Company Description:

Coastal Marine Storage is a boat and RV storage facility that was new to the Hampstead, NC region. They also offer multiple service options to their clients.

The Story and Problems Faced:

Coastal Marine Storage was a brand new company in need of  an optimized website, SEO, signage, brochures, business cards, landing pages, and more.

The Solution:

Brand Fueled started by building the company website and creating a brand that emphasized the look and feel the client was targeting. Brochures, business cards, and sign design were created to match the brand.

Geo-specific landing pages were created to boost SEO and each page of the website was fully optimized for maximum ranking capability.


The website has been a driver for leads and quickly ranked on the front page for the company name as well as other chosen keywords. Branded brochures have been distributed with positive feed back from both customers and the client.

The brand and traffic continues to grow and geo-specific landing pages are boosting local SEO. This is an ongoing case study and will be updated regularly.

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