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Case Study: DryCase

Company Description:

A global distributor and retail company creating waterproof technologies ranging from backpacks to speakers. Featured on news outlets and online technology websites.

The Story and Problems Faced:

DryCase’s flagship product, the DryCase for phones, was in need of lifestyle branding and social media traction. The company also was launching their new product, the DryCase waterproof backpack.

There were also many competitors moving into the waterproof phone case market and DryCase needed to stand out on all marketing fronts to stay at the top of consumer minds.

The Solution:

A series of Youtube videos and curated content was created around the lifestyle promoted by the brand. A “Do You Live It?” campaign was used to reference the Drycase marine lifestyle and a new promotional video created was put in every POP display case around the world. Content was shared through all appropriate social channels.

Social media contests, videos, and blog posts were created for the backpack launch all tailored towards the outdoor branding segment. Instructional videos were also created base on user feedback.


The branding message led to a large increase in web traffic, user interaction, customer created content, and a branding message still used to this day. The waterproof backpacks took off and have been featured on multiple blogs, websites, and expanded into 7 styles.

DryCase has expanded into new product and continues to expand market share in their chosen niches. Their social media following continues to grow and the lifestyle branding established is still used today.


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