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Case Study: Hüify

Company Description:

Hüify is a marketing agency specializing in inbound marketing. Following many of Hubspot’s principles, they consult, create content, websites, e-books, and other targeted marketing materials to attract and convert customers.

The Story and Problems Faced:

Hüify has clients in many separate industries which all required specific content, strategies, targeting, and social media. Copywriting, design, and quick turnarounds were all required.

The Solution:

Brand Fueled assisted with copywriting,  e-book creation, and syndicating content across select social platforms for the corporate client Compact Power. Through industry research, specific content was created for topics ranging from gardening to heavy equipment to cloud based software.

Chosen social platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter depending on the type of content produced.


Content was distributed and led to a 1600% traffic growth to the company blog. The corporate blog following grew and was fed traffic through Pinterest. Inbound marketing strategies led to increased conversions and Hüify continues to assist clients.

Brand Fueled

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